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Limanowa is a picturesque village situated at the foot of Łysa Góra, in the beautiful Beskydy Mountains.

It is located between Gorce and Foothills Wielicko-Wiśnicki and the Dunajec River and the Czchowski Lake, is a great base for hiking, cycling and winter sports

  • Swimming pool
    Swimming pool
    We invite you to spend active time in the indoor swimming pool in Limanowa. At your disposal there are a number of attractions, and your safety is constantly monitored by WOPR rescuers.

    The offer is addressed to tourists who stay in holiday accommodation and tourist facilities in the Limanowa
    area during the holiday season.

    The discount applies to the purchase price of tickets:
    1. Access to the swimming pool normal ticket - 20% discount (from 8.5 zł to 6.8 zł)
    2. Access to the swimming pool ticket without restriction of stay - 15% discount (from 14 zł to 12 zł)
    3. Entrance to Squash - 15% discount (from 30 zł to 25.5 zł)
    4. Entrance to Bowling - 15% discount (discount for every hour of play in accordance with the current price list).
    5. Entrance to the Pool Room - 20% discount (discount to every hour of play in accordance with the current price list).
  • Museum of Limanowa Land
    Museum of Limanowa Land
    After World War II museum collections were created by the Limanowski Polish Folk Relief Society, which collected historical and ethnographic collections from 1954 to 1971. Since 1970, on the initiative of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Association, the Limanowa Branch and the Limanowski Lovers' Association, the Limanowski Region Museum was established. Which from the very beginning was located in the Mars Court. In 1987, the state-owned Limanowski Regional Museum was established, and since 1992 the museum is a self-governing cultural institution subordinate to the City of Limanowa.
  • Cinema
    Cinema "Klaps"

    - 2D Seanse: NORMAL: 16 zł ULGOWY: 14 zł
    - 3D Seanse: NORMAL: 17 zł ULGOW: 15 zł

    Ul. Bronislaw Czech 4
    34-600 Limanowa

    Phone: 18 3371 603
                 501 423 775

  • Bazylika Matki Boskiej Bolesnej
    Bazylika Matki Boskiej Bolesnej
    It is a Roman Catholic church, a parish church of the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows in Limanowa. In 1991 it was raised by Pope John Paul II to the rank of minor basilica. There is a sanctuary where the famous statue of Our Lady of Sorrows is graced by a special cult. The temple was built between 1910 and 1918 as a votive for the 100th anniversary of the Constitution on May 3, at the initiative of the then parishioner of the Liman parish, Fr. Kazimierz Lazarski, designed by Zdzisław Mączeński. The church was consecrated on October 6, 1921 by the Bishop of Tarnów.
  • Limanowa ski
    Limanowa ski

    Limanowa-Ski is a ski station located on the slopes of Łysa Góra, about 5 km from the center of Limanowa. There is a 4-person cable car and two towing lifts. The station has a total length of 2300 m. The longest of the 1000 m is a scenic route led by the forest.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
    Wieliczka Salt Mine

    Salt Mine in Wieliczka is one of twelve objects that was included in the first UNESCO list (1978). It is the only mining facility in the world, operating continuously from the Middle Ages to the present. It has original excavations, ie windows, lakes, pavements, operating chambers, ramps of up to 300 km, located on 9 levels, situated at a depth of 327 m, illustrate all stages of mining technology development in particular historical epochs. Wieliczka's tourist route goes down to a depth of 140 m and there are famous chambers: Chapel of St. Kinga and Komora Warszawa and many others.
  • Cracow

    Kraków is one of the oldest Polish cities with over a thousand years of history and has many valuable architectural objects. It is located on the Vistula River, in the area of ​​the Krakow Gate, the Nidzia River Valley and the West Bohemian Foothills. There are also many institutions and cultural institutions that collect priceless monuments, among others. The Cloth Hall, Market, St. Mary's Church, Wawel Castle, Dragon Cave, Dragon Fire, Royal Apartments, tombs of Polish kings and many museums. It is worth visiting this city and visiting at least some of these
  • Zakopane

    Zakopane is the highest city in Poland at the foot of the Tatras in the Zakopane Basin (located at 838 m above sea level). It is the most famous holiday and tourist resort in Poland. Winter sports center and starting point for trips to the Tatras. There are several streams flowing through the city. The Zakopianka River flows through the Dunajec White River. The town belongs to the district of Tatranska - the municipality of Zakopane. It is surrounded by the Gubałówka range from the north, and from the south there is Giewont - the highest peak in the Western Tatras located entirely in Poland.